During my early wine tasting years, I spent much time trying to navigate my way through the world of wine. At that time, The FMC Chenin Blanc wasn’t even close to being on my radar. Oh… what in the world was Chenin Blanc?

I have many great memories of those moments diving into wine—learning about the craft, culture, and lifestyle. Among many personal discoveries, my mind opened to the extensive history of winemaking. My palate opened to identifying what I taste and enjoy. This, indeed, does not deem me an expert on wine, but it has incited a life-long appreciation and exploration of the grape.


The Business of Winemaking

Winemaking is a serious business, and winemakers are passionate about wine—why else would they be winemakers. Winemakers are phenomenal artisans that, often, invest and commit fulltime in their craft. I’m fascinated at that level of commitment.

When it comes to “fine-wines,” per se, quick-processes are not a consideration if it has the potential of affecting quality. Additionally, sustainable farming and practices are becoming more critical to winemakers. These efforts, of course, significantly raise the cost of wines, pricing the finer ones at $50 or more per bottle. Which may be more than the average wine consumer is willing to shell out.

That doesn’t mean I’m good at buying or logic—it merely means I’m good at drinking fine wine.

Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of experiencing some of the more exceptional wines. Wines that, in my early buying days, would have been passed up due to their price tag.

The FMC Chenin Blanc — Ken Forrester

My Review: The FMC Chenin Blanc 2016

The FMC Chenin Blanc by Ken Forrester is a wine that showcases the beautiful, nuanced style of South African Chenin Blanc. This wine is stunning. I find scarce room for criticism, other than the $60+ price — a predictable issue for a wine this elegant and lovely.

The FMC Chenin Blanc in the glass

The Flavors & Taste

In the glass, the wine is a deep golden hue. The wine is a bit shy on the nose with a bouquet of caramelized pear, honey, and hints of tarragon. On the palate, the wine is medium-bodied, offering a complex layers of flavors and zippy acid. The profile offers white peach, pomelo, lime zest, honey, and brioche. Additionally, I note flavors of salted butter and lime zest. The wine finishes dry and has a nice minerality.

The FMC Wine Label

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