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Alara Samples

My Sample Policy:

I am pleased to accept the submission of wines,  wine books, or other wine-related and food-related products for editorial consideration. Reviews may appear on my blog, Food and Wine Chronicles, on one or more of my social media platforms including InstagramFacebookTwitter.

Where the review is shared is up to my sole discretion. Please note that I cannot guarantee a review or post. Faulted wines, spirits, products or samples that we feel are inappropriate for our audience will not be reviewed. 

I am never paid to review wine or products, and we will not accept payment for a favorable review. 


What I Accept

  • I accept samples from wineries, wine and beverage distributors or importers, as well as companies selling related products or merchandise.
  • I purchase wine, merchandise and food products for review. 
  • I accept invitations to review vineyards, wineries, wine tasting and trade events, travel destinations, restaurants, wine bars and invitations to judge wine competitions.  


How I Review

Each review is noted if the sample was submitted or purchased. A link to the product’s website may be included. If the link goes to an affiliate site, I may receive an affiliate commission.   

My reviews are professional, easy for our readers to understand, and as objective as possible. I do not use a rating system. All reviews are based on my own personal opinion. I may ask other consumers to provide their opinion or impression of samples before I write the final review. 


Important Items To Note

  • I review products in many categories and at many price points. If you have questions about the appropriateness of your sample(s), please contact me
  • Please include as much detail as possible about the sample(s) you’re sending. If the sample is wine or food, I appreciate information about the maker of the product including country of origin. Also include a website or link to where the product can be purchased. 
  • Please include the suggested retail price of the sample(s). 
  • I will photograph your sample(s) so please be sure that there are no labels or stickers that will obstruct a clear image of the sample(s). 
  • For wines and food; or items with a high retail value, please send me a tracking number so that I can be sure someone will be available to sign for the sample(s). 
  • During the summer months of July and August, I do not recommend that you ship perishable samples. 
  • For invitations to review vineyards, wineries, wine tasting and trade events, travel destinations, restaurants, wine bars and invitations to judge wine competitions, please note that two people generally travel together – one as the writer and one as the photographer.

For General Samples (including wine, spirit or food related or high value items), the address below can be used:



Feel free to Send Email

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