Castello di Amorosa Juices

Castello di Amorosa — The Truth About Their Juice 

More and more wineries find creative ways to offer customers unique products and experiences. But Castello di Amorosa is actually giving its visitors the squeeze. Castello di Amorosa — The Truth About Their Juice isn’t about wine at all. But, it is about one Napa...
Jones Von Drehle Petite Verdot 2014
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Supporting Local Wineries 

It is no secret, many local wineries are small businesses. Wineries rely heavily on events, wine clubs, and retail and tasting room sales to keep their doors open. Throughout the wine world, the emphasis has been placed on supporting local wineries. But the call to...
Hinnant Blanc de Bois and Glass

#NCWineChat Launches For NC Wine Month 

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in #NCWineChat. The chat included fellow wine bloggers/influencers, winemakers, and industry experts. The inaugural Twitter-based chat, held in celebration of North Carolina Wine Month was very insightful. Participants engaged in conversation about the wine region...
Three Bottles of Michigan Wine

Michigan Wine Collaborative Giving The Region Stronger Legs 

The state of Michigan, the ‘Wolverine State.’ Known for being the car capital of the United States and for its abusively cold winters. However, often-times unnoticed for being a wine producing state. Over and over again we hear the same wine regions mentioned — rightfully...