More and more wineries find creative ways to offer customers unique products and experiences. But Castello di Amorosa is actually giving its visitors the squeeze. Castello di Amorosa — The Truth About Their Juice isn’t about wine at all. But, it is about one Napa Valley winemaker pressing for his passion.

Castello di Amorosa’s head winemaker Brooks Painter’s career spans more than 40 years. Though he has made hundreds of wines, producing ‘real’ grape juice is his passion.

“The making of a quality grape juice that truly expresses the fruit and flavor of the grape is a challenge, but when the result is a product that is true to the varietal aromas and flavors, I’m happy!”

—Brooks Painter

The grape juice is made similar to their wine, picking the fruit slightly early to impart a base of acidity. Hand-harvested, the fruit is destemmed, pressed, and then the juice is chilled to about 32. Avoiding adding yeast prevents the grape sugars from converting to alcohol, thereby resulting in a pure varietal grape juice.

I received an offer to sample the Castello di Amorosa varietal grape juices and more than happy to accept. I received three different varietals of grape juice; Gewurztraminer, Muscat, and Sparkling Red Blend.


Unsure what to expect

Before tasting the juices, I really had no idea of what to expect. My mind was a bit presumptuous, thwarting back to concentrated grape juice. I have never been a fan of grape juice. I mean… after all, all grape juice is made from grapes… right? Additionally, I tasted a handful of non-alcoholic wines, all barely drinkable. Mostly, they all lacked what one typically expects in wine; complexity and balance. So, admittedly, let’s just say I couldn’t imagine these juices tasting too much different. I certainly didn’t expect them to taste much like wine.

Immediately upon tasting these juices, I concluded the taste of these juices was far from tasting like those in the local supermarket. Unlike those in the supermarket, you can taste the flavor nuances of the grapes they were curated from. The first sip is exciting and draws you back for a second to achieve a more detailed evaluation.

Sparkling Red Blend
90% Gamay, 5% Grenache and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon

Muscat Canelli
100% Muscat Canelli

100% Gewürztraminer


Castello di Amorosa —The truth about the juice

These juices are an excellent option for non-alcoholic sipping if you enjoy sweet wines. All the juices are high in sugar, about 200 grams per liter, making them a perfect alternative to dessert wine. For sangria lovers, this sparkling red blend is undoubtedly a fantastic choice. Another great option is to pair with breakfast cuisines where apple juice or cranberry juice would typically be offered.

In conclusion, I found all the juices enjoyable and a no-brainer to purchase if you enjoy drinking varietal grape juice. Additionally, if you have never tried a varietal grape juice, I recommend trying these.

The grape juices are available for $14 each only at the winery or on its website.