Heating Up & Chilling Down — Why this simple pairing is a no-brainer.

By now, let’s face it; indeed, everybody in the wine world knows that one of the most famous wine and food pairings is fried chicken and a bottle of bubbly.

So let’s start with buffalo style chicken wings, only because that’s my favorite type of chicken. Buffalo wings were invented in 1964; the story of how they were created remains in dispute (between the inventor’s son and husband), as does who actually invented them. However, it is primarily believed that the inventor was Teressa Bellissimo at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York.


But then the fried wings.

Wings will always be my favorite, but I will never turn down any delicious part of crispy fried chicken. The same as I will never turn down a great bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine. When I can enjoy them both together at the same time… for real, I can not explain.


It’s such a Cliché.

I have heard this time and time again about fried chicken and wine. But, honestly, my first thought is, it’s predictable because it is absolutely addicting. In this case, the overuse garners overuse. There are tons of options for creatively pairing sparkling wine and absolutely divine chicken dishes. However, they do not set off the taste buds like a good bottle of bubbly and crispy fried chicken.


The Ying and Yang.

Heating Up & Chilling Down — Why This Simple Pairing is a No-Brainer.
Let’s get down to facts when it comes to a crispy bird and Champagne or sparkling wine. It’s a damn good relationship! You know, the stuff a good relationship is made of… yes, when opposites attract in the best way. The nuances of the fatty, fried skin with the bracing acidic cleansing elements of the wine let you know they are the opposite, but they are a team. Those bready, brioche flavors in the wine perfectly matching the same crispy breading coating on the chicken. Both work together in harmony to create something beautiful.


Heading back to Buffalo.

Although the duo of crispy chicken and bubbly is the most popular, don’t count out buffalo-style wings for pairing with bubbles. Dry sparklers are wonderful with spicy wings. For this combination explantation, we return to the oil and acid. The buttery, spicy, acidic sauce allows the wine to show off its palate-cleansing talent and provide a refreshing respite from hot tongue-tingling flavors.


Here are a few of my favorite, very affordable wines to enjoy with fried and buffalo-style chicken.


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