How can it be so that we should be enjoying rosé year-round? That’s preposterous! Rosé is for sipping in the seasonally warmest months. After all, the season along with the coordinating flavors; ripe berries, fresh juicy melons, and bright citrus — reminiscent of a beautiful spring or summer garden — is what drives us to the pink juice.

The truth is, rosé is not just for those days when the thermometer’s mercury is peaking. There is a multitude of rosés, made in a variety of different styles available in today’s market. Finding just the right rosé to suit the palate rather than the season can provide year-round rosé drinking pleasure.


Rosé Styles

Rosé styles vary from bone dry to sweet, and it is also available in sparkling. However, rosés are most commonly made in one of two ways — maceration method or the saignée method.

Traditional styles of rosé include:

Grenache Carignan
Syrah Pinot Noir

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France, Spain (where it’s “rosado”), Italy (“rosato”), and the United States produce the most Rosé — by volume.

As expected, rosé is generally always an option on wine menus in restaurants, bars and almost anywhere that serves wine throughout the U.S. Although; it has been rare, in my experience that the offerings include a sparkling rosé.


Rosé Year-Round

Recently, I visited a wine bar that offered a few different sparkling rosés on their wine menu. Interestingly enough, the wine seemed oddly popular amongst patrons. As I nosily snooped, — under the radar — I noticed more often than not a glass or bottle of the pink stuff on the table. Yes, a bit confusing to me in a place where the wine options are vast, not to mention it’s cold outside; this is the middle of ‘winter’.

While it may not yet be acceptable amongst all, it appears many more wine drinkers are embracing the idea of enjoying rosé year-round. Yes, it is conceivable, as a fellow wine-enthusiast reminds “rosé is not a wardrobe…”

With that said, I want to share my bottle notes with you for a sparkling rosé that I purchased during that visit.

Raventos Blanc Wine

de Nit Raventos i Blanc is produced in Spain by one of the region’s most exemplary sparkling wine producers. All fruit is from estate-owned, biodynamically-farmed vineyards in the Anoia River valley. Blended from only 6% Monastrell; this Rosé isn’t representative of a typical sparkling rosé. However, it is indeed one of the most impressive sparkling rosés on the market (arguably). In the glass, the color is a brilliant copperish salmon. Tantalizing aromas of fresh strawberry, white peach, citrus zest, herbs, and florals invite the senses to dance to a beautiful melody. It is delicate and lean, yet intensely refreshing with pleasant, lively acidity. The 2016 rosé cava is complex and well balanced with subtle bubbles, exciting effervescence, and a pleasing fresh finish.

Raventos in glass

At the extremely economical price point of $15 (SRP), this bubbly is a no-brainer buy. 

Moreover, and lastly, ‘Cheers’ to drinking rosé year round!

Please keep in mind wine is subjective, and each palate has it’s own preference. I encourage you to explore and sip your way to what is pleasurable to your palate.