This “Quick Sip” is Matt Parish Pinot Noir 2017 out of STA. Santa Rita Hills

This wine, truly a nice sip; which obviously is why it is sold out on the website. Notes of raspberry, tobacco, florals on the nose. On the palate, red fruit, herbs, tobacco leaf, spices, violet, and hints of vanilla. The finish is very pleasant and lingering. Nicely balanced, medium acid, medium tannins. It is one bottle I would purchase again.

Please keep in mind wine is subjective, and each palate has it’s own preference. I encourage you to explore and sip your way to what is pleasurable to your palate.

I’ve been experimenting with different wine clubs lately, and this wine is from @nakedwinesdotcom. Interested in checking out their wines? Get $100 Off your first case by clicking here.

Wine clubs are not all created equal. After purchasing from various different ones, I’m almost ready to tell you what I discovered in my year long research. Follow my blog and stay tuned for the results.

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