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More About Me

I’m a self-trained cook—cooking since the age of 8 years old—who always knew I had an affinity food. I’ve always enthusiastically embraced spending time in the kitchen, creating new dishes, and mastering cooking techniques. I hope to one day publish my own book of recipes. Unlike most, for me, grocery shopping is an exuberating experience. Yes, I love grocery shopping! I’m proud to admit that.

I also love most things creative and am responsible for the lovely photography on Food and Wine Chronicles website. I enjoy traveling, and spending time with family and friends, including my awesome husband, three children, and four grandchildren. Although rare, during my downtime, I spend most of my time working on my website, and occasionally relaxing.

Currently, I reside in North Carolina, but California will always be home for me, although that isn’t where my journey in the wine world originated. My journey began in the state of Virginia, where I created the Vines of Virginia wine blog. I will always have a special appreciation for all of the Virginia folks; winemakers, industry professionals, fellow bloggers, and writers, amongst others who supported my dreams and made it possible for me to do what I love.

The Love of the Experience

Some of my best experiences in life have occurred in the world of food and wine, and my enjoyment in being part of it isn’t unlike most others. Meeting others with the same interest and expanding my wine and food palate is immeasurable. Did I mention, I love this stuff!

I hope you enjoy my blog, FoodandWineChronicles. Here, I share my food and wine experiences and emerging trends in hopes of developing great connections. Additionally, I hope I can expand your knowledge by connecting you to some great wine and food that you can love and add to your portfolio and recipe book.

I love blogging. Yes, I love drinking wine, and I love food! I love taking photos and writing about what comes to mind as I continue to chronicle this fantastic journey.

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