Holiday Champagne

Celebrations & Holidays: Choosing The Right Wines 

When planning celebrations and holidays, selecting the right wines can create the perfect experience. While enjoying sparkling wines and Champagne has become more common throughout the year, they still add a touch of something special to extraordinary occasions. When it comes to selecting the perfect...
Teneral Wine Pack
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Teneral Cellars — Wines Empowering Beyond The Glass 

Inequities in the wine industry are very much in the spotlight these days, as they absolutely should be! Most importantly, a lack of inclusion for blacks and people of color to women’s mistreatment needs to remain at the forefront of the wine industry’s conversation until...
Wine pouring into glasses

Tips&Tricks: Wine Bar Secret: Keeping An Eye Out 

Being a wine enthusiast, I spend a fair amount of time keeping an eye out for great ways to indulge my passion. Although I have to admit, the local wine bar is not usually the place you would find me sipping wine. Generally, I prefer...
Wine from Virginia Wine Chat December 2018

#VAWineChat – Bubbles 

Over the past several years I have had the privilege of participating in many social media based wine chats; in part, due to Frank Morgan’s #VAWineChat. Founder of Drink What You Like wine blog; wine writer, Frank Morgan conducts virtual tastings monthly (usually), gathering wine bloggers, winemakers,...
Kirkland Prosecco in glass

Tips&Tricks: Best Bargain Wine Find 

During the holiday season, seems like, everyone is looking for the best bargains being offered. From gifts to groceries the name of the game is… bargain. I have to admit; I do love a deal. But, I am slightly finicky about – so-called – bargain...