During the holiday season, wine is a must on the dinner table. However, let’s remember pre-holiday dinners and gatherings with loved ones. These occasions also deserve a perfect pairing of delicious food and wine. Hearty dishes that are easy to prepare, paired with red wines, are a favorite and an excellent option.

Wine is a staple in my home, and I also love giving it as a gift, particularly during the holidays, to my friends and family. However, choosing the perfect wine can be challenging, especially with store shelves packed with wines from various regions, varietals, and price points.

One of the ways to choose the perfect wine to complement your holiday meals is not to overthink it. Instead, consider selecting wine brands you already know and love, and check their website for guidance on which wine pairs best with specific holiday dishes. This can be a simple yet effective approach to creating delightful culinary experiences during the holiday season.

Trefethen with Stew
Dragon’s Tooth 2020
40% Malbec 32% Petit Verdot
23% Cabernet Sauvignon 5% Merlot

Gifting the wine served is a great idea; it’s an easy and fun way to give a gift and presents an excellent opportunity for guests to take a bottle home and share it with others. This not only allows people to enjoy the wine on another occasion but also serves as a thoughtful gesture of appreciation towards your guests. If you want to give an exceptional gift, a wine club membership can be the perfect choice. Wine club memberships are very versatile and are great for wine lovers, as they make for easy and practical gifts that can be appreciated over a longer period of time.

wine with the pizza

As we approach the holiday season, Trefethen wines are an excellent choice for enhancing the dining experience. If you’re planning a pre-holiday dinner or a special holiday gathering, Dragon’s Tooth wine is a perfect choice to pair with your rustic, warm dishes. Its bold flavor complements hearty fall vegetables, spices, thick red sauces, and savory meats. For a more relaxed gathering, consider serving pizza with toppings of rich tomato-based sauce, different types of sausages, creamy cheeses, earthy mushrooms, and other fresh veggies; the combination of these flavors with a Trefethen wine will make for an unforgettable meal.

Dragon’s Tooth 2020 offers a rich and bold bouquet of dark fruits, with cherry being the most prominent. The wine is infused with notes of chocolate, oak, green pepper, and baking spices, which blend together seamlessly. Although it is a dry wine, the initial taste offers hints of sweetness, which is quite pleasant. The finish is long and smooth, with notes of cigar box and spice, complemented by nice tannins.

Trefethen is a family estate that has existed for three decades in Napa Valley. Its estate-grown wines are made using grapes that are cultivated sustainably, ensuring that the environment is protected. Their commitment to sustainable farming practices has been recognized with the prestigious California Green Medal Environment Award for 2022.

Trefethen Bottles

Are you looking for a beautiful gift for a wine lover? If so, Trefethen might be the perfect choice for you. Trefethen offers a wine club called “Club Trefethen,” which grants members exclusive access to their estate-grown and small-lot wines. With customizable membership options, as well as purchase and shipping discounts, joining Club Trefethen offers excellent value for wine lovers. Visit Trefethen.com/membership to learn more about becoming a member of Club Trefethen.