Inequities in the wine industry are very much in the spotlight these days, as they absolutely should be! Most importantly, a lack of inclusion for blacks and people of color to women’s mistreatment needs to remain at the forefront of the wine industry’s conversation until a fundamental change occurs. Teneral Cellars is producing wines to empower beyond the glass.

Many in the wine world are stunned, seemly awakened to the dirty little undeniable and unbecoming secrets in the business that have quietly existed for centuries—conducting a basic web search nets a variety of articles addressing industry racism way back.



The movement to expose, assemble, promote, and insist on a change in the industry continues to grow. Teneral Cellars has positioned its brand as an advocate and empowerment wine venture.

Jill Osur founded the company back in March of 2020. The objective of the business is creating a dedicated wine brand that is purposeful. The brand professes to being “dedicated to empowering and elevating women, including women who are black, indigenous, and people of color, into the wine industry through education, grants, and employment opportunities.”

Recently, I received my tasting pack from Teneral Cellars, and am very impressed with the contents in the box. Included in the package along with the wines were beautiful cards that provided suggested food. The cards also offered pairings ideas, and complete recipes by Tanya Holland, chef/owner of Brown Sugar Kitchen on the reverse. In addition, they include detailed information on the non-profits they support through donations.

Teneral Tasting Cards

The three wines pack included a 2017 Untamed Red Blend, 2019 Grenach Rosé, and 2017 Chardonnay. Each of the wines was enjoyable. Somehow I felt I enjoyed them even more, knowing I was helping support the mission behind the creation. I tasted these wines without food, but I look forward to trying them again when I have time to utilize the recipes.

Teneral Wines

I encourage everyone to continue the conversation.

Above all, promote awareness, and support those who contribute to correcting inequality, disparities, and biases in the wine industry. Use your palate and your platform to encourage, support, and demand inclusiveness and diversity.

Teneral’s digital wine club, creatively named The Swarm, donates 10% of profits to organizations supporting women’s issues. Further, the club membership’s online offerings include concerts and cooking classes featuring female artisans, wine classes, and other exciting events.

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