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Teneral Cellars — Wines Empowering Beyond The Glass 

Inequities in the wine industry are very much in the spotlight these days, as they absolutely should be! Most importantly, a lack of inclusion for blacks and people of color to women’s mistreatment needs to remain at the forefront of the wine industry’s conversation until...
Sea Pearl, The Chook, and Blank Stare Wines

The Beauty And the Danger Of Wine Buying 

We have all been in the wine shop scanning the isles trying to figure out what wines to purchase. Wine buying can be frightening. Well, I have a few wine buying tips for you that might actually help you with selecting wines you will enjoy....
Miriam Alexandra Chenin Blanc 2018
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Wines To Try: Miriam Alexandra Chenin Blanc 2018 

I recently received a shipment of wine from One of the wines that were in this shipment is a wine that I have ordered in the past; Miriam Alexandra Chenin Blanc 2018. Now according to the Nakedwines site, “89% of 3,821would repurchase this wine”—like me. ...