I generally do not drink Spanish white wine; no particular reason. I guess it doesn’t come to mind when I make wine purchases. Of course, for specific situations—Spanish cuisine particularly—I will seek out a nice bottle if the dish calls for a white. For this “Quick Sip” review, Marqués de Riscal Blanco 2018 is on deck.

This wine is really reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc. Herbal bouquet of green apple, minerals, and tropical fruits. This Verdejo isn’t a serious wine, it’s laid-back. The flavors are light and with a short finish. Notes of citrus, orchard fruit, and herbs, and tropical flavors follow through with a mild bitterness. Overall, for me, it never quite reaches it’s potential. However, this Verdejo could easily be a crowd-pleaser. Medium acidity and medium dryness.

This wine is mass-produced, and at less than $10 per bottle, it is a friendly, easy-drinking Verdejo.

This wine would pair well with some nice cheeses, and of course, paella.

Paella in Bowl

For more information on Marqués de Riscal Blanco 2018, check out thier website at www.marquesderiscal.com

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Please keep in mind wine is subjective, and each palate has it’s own preference. I encourage you to explore and sip your way to what is pleasurable to your palate.