Just inside Virginia, at the North Carolina border side, routed off I-85 is a hidden gem for wine lovers. Rosemont of Virginia Vineyards is owned and operated by the Rose family, who has held the land since 1858. However, not until 2003, and with the assistance of vineyard consultant Lucie Morton, would the decision be made to plant vines.


About The Estate and The Winemaker

Currently, 27 acres of vines are managed by owner Stephen Rose. But, son and winemaker Justin Rose takes over the helm once the veraison begins in the vineyard. Justin returned to the farm in 2007 after traveling to Napa to study winemaking. Justin is exceptionally proud of the estate wines he produces. He laughed at himself during our conversation as he recollected the error of the early style of his winemaking. Justin says, “in the beginning, everything I produced was an oak-bomb.” He now works with the estate-grown fruit to develop the best wine possible, that showcases Rosemont of Virginia Vineyards. 

Winemaker Justin Rose
Winemaker Justin Rose

About The Business

Rosemont Estate is a bit off the beaten path—southern-most vineyard in the state of Virginia—which poses some challenges for the winery. Destination tourism at the winery is only a fraction of what wineries just a few hours away experience. Visitors to nearby Lake Gaston, along with locals and travelers passing through the area, account for the majority of the wineries visitors. Distribution and the wine club help considerably with overall wine sales. Justin says, “the winery gets a handful of weddings per year,” and he is okay with that. “If we get more, that’s great, but we’re not really focusing on becoming an event-driven winery.”

Rosemont Vineyards View

The Experience

My first visit to the winery happened a few weeks ago, although I’ve had the pleasure of drinking Rosemont wines for several years. The tasting room is beautiful, and upon entry, visitors can browse a large selection of gifts and art. The tasting bar is toward the back of the room, adjacent to the large fireplace centered in the room. The decor is a mix of pine, brick, and other natural materials, including tables made from wine barrels.

Rosemont Sparkling Wine

There is seating both inside and outside of the winery, including two tiers of outdoor spaces—balcony and patio—overlooking the vineyards. The umbrella tables are perfect for sipping the wines and enjoying the lovely views.

While there, I had the pleasure of meeting Justin Rose, who is simply delightful. Justin led my tasting and tour and was excited to share plans for the revamp of the production facility. The passion for his craft and love for the Rose legacy is evident; rightfully so. The quality of wines at Rosemont of Virginia Vineyards is indisputable. I had the pleasure of tasting through many of the available wines, and few that are no longer available. Additionally, I purchased a mixed case to bring home.

One of the nicest perks at this winery is tours of their production area and barrel room are complimentary. Um-hum… you heard me, totally free, reservation not required. This alone is a fantastic reason to visit. Of course, it is always a good idea to check with the winery in advance during harvest season.


Here are a few of my favorites from the winery.


The Conclusion

Overall, all of the wines I have tasted from Rosemont of Virginia Vineyards over the years have not disappointed. I highly recommend trying their wines. And should you be heading down I-85 and in their neck of the woods, drop by their tasting room? Even better, plan a trip with friends, and spend the entire day at the winery. I did! Rosemont is one Virginia winery you will want to pay attention to; they are doing great things over there.

For more information about Rosemont of Virginia Vineyards visit their website at www.rosemontofvirginia.com

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