In the glass Château Haut Sociondo has a lovely deep garnet color. Crafted from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot on the nose it has appealing earthiness with subtle dark berries. Fruit forward in the mouth with dark and red berries notes, cedar, and faint sweet tobacco notes. Framed by gentle hints of vanilla way in the background. The tannins shine through but without being brutal, and the moderate acidity surfaces at just the right moment.

Now is the time to drink this wine. While, you probably could lay it down for another year or so, it definitely has developed nicely up to this point.

The Price of Château Haut Sociondo

I only purchased one bottle of the delicious juice. However, after tasting it, I now regret not grabbing a few more of those $6.50 bottles from the clearance bin. Consequently, after returning to the store hoping to hoard whatever bottles were left, I was sorely disappointed. Apparently, I hadn’t been the only one to discover a gem in the bin. 

Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux

The Producer

Founded in 1960, Château Haut Sociondo owned by Jean-François Reaud since 2015. Situated in Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux an area of predominantly south facing sloping hills which overlook the Gironde estuary (a major waterway) the Château rests. Designed to make satellite Bordeaux appellations more visible, Côtes de Bordeaux came into exsistance 2008. The appellation enjoys 240 days of sunshine a year on average and nearly all of the vines are grown on the countryside of the estuary.

Attributed to its great diversity of high-quality terroir, Bordeaux (the most famous and desired wine blend in the world) enjoys the honor of being the largest AOC vineyard of France.



Unfortunately, I was not previously familiar with the label, but, I will likely be paying more attention to it on my future wine shopping trips.