Welcome to 2020! The holidays were absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of both Thanksgiving and Christmas. But, I will say I am glad to return to my regular routine. This is my first blog post of the New Year. I am excited to share my Bottle Notes on this Chateau de Campuget Tradition Rosé with you.

As most of you know, I am a rosé all-day… all-year kind of girl. Now this one is not one that I enjoyed during the holidays. I would rather spend my time joining in the holiday festivities, instead of jotting down tasting notes. I am sure you all agree.

The first thing I noticed about this rosé is that the bottle defined the color of the wine as bright pink. I disagree; it’s more of a muted copper or very light salmon. This could result from aging—rusty red and amber tones are common factors.

This Chateau de Campuget Tradition Rosé produced in the Costieres de Nimes domain of France, known before the early 2000s as the Languedoc appellation. For more information on this region, check out Andrew Jefford’s Decanter 2018 article here.

This wine is a new-to-me wine. Additionally, this region of the Rhone Valley of France is one that I also am not familiar with. But, as I always say, the best way to learn about wine is to explore. Pick bottles you have never tried from regions you know nothing about. If you like the wine, dive in deeper and learn more about the wine, the wine region where it is produced, and the winemaker.

I picked this bottle of Chateau de Campuget Tradition Rosé 2018 up at Costco for a very reasonable price. However, a quick search of the web shows it is readily available from many retailers.


Tasting Notes

Chateau de Campuget Tradition Rosé 2018

Watermelon aromas with strawberry accents reach out upon approach. A bit less savory on its own compared to some of the classic dry rosés I have tasted from France. But, with food, it comes to life quite nicely. Red fruits—strawberry, raspberry, cranberry on the palate connect with mandarin orange, florals, pink peppercorns, and subtle hints of celery and green tea. Nice minerality on the finish rounds out the flavor. It does fall a bit short on acidity.


The Pairing

Brunch is one of my favorite times of the day. Who doesn’t love a good brunch. This wine paired nicely with one of my favorite dishes. Smoked salmon and eggs with fresh spinach leave—so delicious and so easy to throw together.

If I am honest, I wasn’t sure this pairing would work. But the dish really brought out the fruit and vegetal notes in the wine.

I love smoked salmon, but of course, if you are not a fan of salmon, there are several other types of meat you can use. Heck… even a small crabcake or ham would be yummy. The possibilities are endless!

Smoked Salmon, Eggs and Fresh Spinach

Yes, I know! Sparkling wines are traditionally served for brunch, but c’mon you know me by now, I like to think outside the box sometimes. I mean, really, why not just offer both?

Dry sparkling rosé offers a nice option to brunch as well. Do a little research and you will be sure to find one that works well with your brunch menu.

Please keep in mind wine is subjective, and each palate has it’s own preference. I encourage you to explore and sip your way to what is pleasurable to your palate.

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