Anyone who knows me in the wine world knows I enjoy an excellent Viognier. I understand the varietal isn’t for everyone. Recently, I received this F. Stephen Miller Viognier 2018 in a wine club shipment. My first sip sent my palate into a tailspin, — whoa, sweet! I really wanted to be excited about this one, but it only fell a bit short for me. It lacked the balance that an excellent Viognier has, and even after giving it some time to open up, and re-tasting (over and over), I couldn’t love it.


My Tasting Notes; F. Stephen Miller Viognier 2018

Aromas of tree fruit, hints of oak, and mild nuances of almond and oil. In the mouth notes of tropical fruit, apricot, white peach, nectarine, and citrus peel. Oil and white pepper on the finish. The finish lingered developing into an unpleasing sweetness as all flavors quickly receded. The wine made me pucker and squint (not in the right way). The wine is unbalanced, but also, obviously still super young. Viognier’s age very well, and this definitely will need time to see how it fully develops.

Please keep in mind wine is subjective, and each palate has it’s own preference. I encourage you to explore and sip your way to what is pleasurable to your palate.

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