As the temperatures begin to rise, once again, there will be a return of gobs of rosé. The pink juice has continued to grow and become more popular over recent years. Warmer weather generally means a significant increase in sales for the pink drink. U.S. sales of rosé wines grew to 18.7 million cases in 2018, according to Impact Databank.

But! What about the ‘new normal‘?


Will we see a significant decline, specifically in rosé sales this season?

The wine industry continues to find creative ways to help ease the blows to sales felt by the coronavirus (COVID-19). Complimentary local delivery, drive-up services, interactive virtual tastings are all an effort to help wineries maintain revenue and retain customers. But, social distancing also means wine lovers may not currently be thinking pink.

In anticipation of the seasonal demand for rosé, winemakers around the world prepared. However, what effect will social distancing have on a market where seasonal socialization drives the rosé rush.

While many enjoy drinking rosé year-round, on the other hand, others prefer to wait until the thermometer reaches perfect temperatures for poolside parties. Barbecues, picnics by the lake, and interacting outside with friends have always been part of the rose-lifestyle. 

Rosé Wine in Glass

Now that life has changed as we know it (at least for now), the seasonal motivation to stockpile rosé wine may not be instantaneous. Associated with pink wine are lots of feel-good phrases—rosé all daydrink pink, and yes way rosé, to name only a few. However, in these uncertain times, it may be a bit difficult to muster up the feel-good vibes that many commonly link with those phrases. 

Recently, many wineries began peddling more pink in an effort to exhaust their seasonal supplies of rosé.


But, are wine lovers biting?

Indeed, now is precisely the time to buy pink. There is something fun about drinking rosé that lends a bit of lightheartedness to moments. It screams relaxation, sharing, laughing, festivity, and enjoyment, among other things, especially when the temps are soaring above 70° degrees.

While we may not be able to gather in groups physically, we can connect via social media and keep the trend going. One of the best things about pink wine is the vibe that it manifest. It signals sunnier days are ahead. Isn’t that something we can all use right now? 

Put on those rosé-colored glasses, and continue popping those pink bottles, as you support local!