Rosé Becoming the Rage! Have you noticed there is pink on the scene more and more frequently these days? Rosé popularity is quickly growing, and it is becoming all the rage in the wine world – mostly because it is shedding the stigma of being associated with syrupy sweet rose-colored options like pink Moscato.


Introduction To Rosé

I was introduced to Dry Rosé a year ago, by Frank Morgan of the award-winning wine blog Drink What You Like during a wine education class that was presented by Bon Vivant Wine Market. The Rosemont of Virginia Winery Rosé was surprisingly different from what I expected – yes, I too strongly stigmatized sad to say. After tasting my way through a few more Dry Rosés, it was clear to me that I had been missing out, and the real research began, if you call tasting lots of different wines, research.

Dry Rosé wine is the most common style produced today around the world. The top Rosé wine producers in the world are France and Spain and it’s typical to see a blend of 2-3 different grape varieties. Popular Virginia options include Boxwood EstatesKing Family VineyardsLinden Vineyards, and Williamsburg Winery.

The Start Of Summer

Rosés signal the start of summer as winemakers around the world release a limited amount of Rosé to be enjoyed throughout the hot summer months. Rosé offers an excellent option for those seeking a chilled refreshing sipper with a bit more weight than the usual go to summer choices like Chardonnays and Rieslings.

Rosé pairs amazingly well with a variety of foods making it an enjoyable wine that can be sipped throughout the year; I prefer the sunny-day occasions like barbecues and cookouts. Their signature light, crisp, berry and citrusy flavors pair well with spicy foods and are a perfect option for barbecue chicken and grilled veggies or shrimp in the warmer seasons.