I was very excited to participate in a virtual wine tasting a few weeks ago. TerraNoble Collection Maule Valley Carménère‘s history reaches back more than two decades. Initially, establishing itself as boutique winery, TerraNoble specialized in Merlot shifting in 1994, refocusing its commitment to a variety that is now grown almost exclusively in Chile. TerraNoble vineyards spread between the Casablanca, Colchagua, and Maule Valleys.

Certified sustainable wines of Chile, “The winery believes in the conservation and promotion of the ecosystem around its vineyards, working under sustainable principles and maintaining a close relation with its people and communities.” ~ TerraNoble

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TerraNoble Winemaker Marcelo Garcia was born in Santiago, Chile, where he initially studied agronomy. Later he moved on to earn a Diploma in Winemaking in 2000 from the Universidad de Chile. In 2015, Marcelo joined the TerraNoble team upon invite from the Chief Winemaker. Over time he has garnered a very diverse ideology that he credits to maturing. Marcelo states, “…In a way, you move away from the winery’s work to be closer to the plants and the terroir. Believing in the potential of the vines, in experience, in history, is essential. Marcelo says, “…that there are no recipes or protocols in winemaking. My wines are the result of fine-tuning heart and soul. I let the earth speak through the fruit,” according to TerraNoble.


TerraNoble Wines

Tomas Uribe, the Regional Director, USA & Europe for TerraNoble, participated in the virtual tasting and discussion, and provided English translation for TerraNoble winemaker Marcelo Garcia.


Tasting Notes

TerraNoble  Carménère Andes CA1 2016

Carménère Andes CA1 2016

Intense aroma’s jump out of the glass before it reaches your nose.

Aroma: mostly blackberries, ripe dark cherries, chocolate, and faint hints of bell pepper.

Flavors: cocoa, dark plums and cherries, vanilla, tobacco, hints of oak, and tongue tingling eucalyptus.

TerraNoble Carmenere Andes CA1

Carménère Andes CA1 2017

Aroma: ripe red fruits, and some herbs.

Flavors: juicy flavors follow through from the nose with added notes of chocolate, oak and subtle hints of herbs.

TerraNoble Carmenere Costa CA2 2017

Carménère Costa CA2 2017

Aroma: rich ripe berries (mostly stewed raspberries), oak, and whiffs of vanilla.

Flavors: fresh ripe juicy raspberries, chocolate, subtle notes of green bell pepper, sweet pipe tobacco, and graphite, mildly jammy.

Firm tannins, long finish with lingering notes of peppercorns, chocolate and graphite.

TerraNoble Gran Reseva Carménère 2017

Gran Reserva Carménère 2017

Aromas: strong earthy aromas, dark cherries, and vanilla

Flavors: dark and red fruits, tobacco, slate, vanilla, and hints of caramel. Loads of green pepper, spice and acid on the finish.

I would love to taste this wine in a few more years.

TerraNoble Gran Reserva Carignan 2018

Gran Reserva Carignan 2018

Aromas: dark red fruit, some hint of roasted coffee.

Flavors: Mouthwatering sour cherries, hints of raspberries, white pepper, and earth, green pepper makes and appearance.


The Conclusion

This tasting was my first experience tasting Carménère, and I must say that I was not disappointed. These wines were very expressive. One of the most exciting things about the wines, although the flavor profiles were very similar, the wines were noticeably different, perhaps indicative of each growing region.

These wines are great vehicle to experiencing Chilean wine, learning more about the region, and TerraNoble’s rich history in winemaking.

Please keep in mind wine is subjective, and each palate has it’s own preference. I encourage you to explore and sip your way to what is pleasurable to your palate.

All wines reviewed were industry samples. However, the assessments made are mine.

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