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Castello di Amorosa — The Truth About Their Juice 

More and more wineries find creative ways to offer customers unique products and experiences. But Castello di Amorosa is actually giving its visitors the squeeze. Castello di Amorosa — The Truth About Their Juice isn’t about wine at all. But, it is about one Napa...
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Recipe: Braised Oxtails — Tender and Tasty 

These Braised Oxtails — tender and tasty will keep you licking your fingers—unbelievably delectable, braised in wine and broth. A lump of unctuous meat, oxtail needs to be cooked low and slow for a fair amount of time until fall-apart tender. When you think of...
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Teneral Cellars — Wines Empowering Beyond The Glass 

Inequities in the wine industry are very much in the spotlight these days, as they absolutely should be! Most importantly, a lack of inclusion for blacks and people of color to women’s mistreatment needs to remain at the forefront of the wine industry’s conversation until...
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Wine Review: TerraNoble Collection Maule Valley Carménère’s 

I was very excited to participate in a virtual wine tasting a few weeks ago. TerraNoble Collection Maule Valley Carménère‘s history reaches back more than two decades. Initially, establishing itself as boutique winery, TerraNoble specialized in Merlot shifting in 1994, refocusing its commitment to a...